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FAQs for Dental Practices

How do we request a dental professional from DPT?
Call us at 336-688-8424, give us your dental practice information (name, address, software, hours,etc), tell us what you need (temp, temp to hire, direct hire), what position and we take it from there. You can also tell us if you have special needs, such as experience in certain procedures or experience with special needs patients. Or, if you prefer to fill this out yourself, please go to our forms page and print the “Office Contact Form”. Fill it out completely and email to us at info@dentalprotemps.com with the subject as “New Office” or fax to us at 1-336-419-0162 with the same subject. If you need a temp the day of or the next day, you will need to call us with your information. Once we receive your information, a payment agreement will be sent to you and you will need to return it filled out before we fill your staffing request.

If we prefer a specific dental professional, can we request them?
Absolutely! We do our best to honor all requests for a specific temp. If that temp is unavailable that day, we inform you first and get your permission before filling your request with another temp.

How do we pay the dental professional that we use?
You don’t. This is just one of the advantages of working with DPT. We handle payroll of the dental professionals that work through us. Our goal is to provide you quality qualified temps as seamlessly as possible, with as little risk as possible, so you can concentrate on running your practice without losing any production due to a staff member being absent.

What do you mean when you say “little risk as possible”?
Glad you asked this! We not only do payroll for dental professionals working through DPT, we also cover every single temp that works at your practice with worker’s compensation and professional liability, ensuring that when you partner with DPT for your staffing needs, you can concentrate on running your practice, without the normal burdens that come with using a temp.

If DPT handles payroll, how do we pay?
You will receive an invoice by email weekly from DPT. Invoices are due upon receipt. Currently, you may pay by ACH (no charge) or mail a check to:

18 Forest Lake Circle
Greensboro, NC 27407

What areas does DPT service?
Currently, we service all of NC and we are beginning to service SC. We expect to service all of SC by May of 2017. Some areas are more saturated with available dental professionals and we will always let you know if available temps are in your particular area. We are always recruiting quality qualified dental professionals in the states we service.

How much notice does DPT need to fill a staffing request?
Many times we can fill the day of for emergencies but it’s always better to give us as much notice as possible. That way, if you request someone specific, there is less chance that they will be already booked at another practice.

Staffing agencies are expensive. Would it not be less expensive and easier for me to just call around or put an ad on Craig’s List?
Some staffing agencies may be expensive but not DPT. We are extremely reasonable for the value and service that you receive. The dental practice is only charged a small daily fee for going through DPT. For that small charge, you are assured that you are using a dental professional that has been through a rigorous application procedure which includes:

  1. An application with skills, work history and reference contacts
  2. A thorough background check that includes a national and a state background check
  3. Copies of all licenses, certifications, CPR, annual OSHA and Bloodborne Pathogen training, Hepatitis B titer or declination, TB baseline test, references checked, called and confirmed, licenses and certifications checked and confirmed to be current and in good standing, drug testing if needed, one on one face to face interview with every applicant, policy and procedures signed and enforced and all required new hire paperwork filled out and signed with required identification.

Also, a major value that DPT provides your practice for that small daily fee is minimizing the risk that your practice is exposed to. Every dental professional that works at your dental practice through DPT is protected, so your risk is very minimum when you use a temp through us. Every single dental professional working through DPT is covered by Worker’s Compensation and Professional Liability, so you don’t have to incur the financial burden of providing these insurances.

So, we ask, is it really worth the few dollars that your practice would save by calling around or going through Craig’s List? Do you really want to expose yourself to risks that could be very expensive in the long run? Do you really want to pay your front office to spend hours on the phone calling temps from an outdated list, when their time could be used more wisely doing important duties for the practice? Do you know who that temp really is that walked in and gave you their resume and told you to call if you needed someone to fill in? Is their license in good standing or has it been revoked and you aren’t aware? Do they have all of their required paperwork, just in case OSHA decides to visit your office that day? Have they committed crimes, such as theft, that you aren’t aware of? These are major questions that every dental practice needs to ask themselves when using a temporary dental professional. Fines alone from OSHA for one incident would cost more financially than using a dental professional through DPT for 5 days a week for 52 weeks. That is definitely something to think about.

What if I want to hire the dental professional that works at my practice?
This is another major advantage of using DPT. If you hire a dental professional that has come through DPT, there is no contract to buy out. We charge a one time finder’s fee that is very reasonable and less than any contract buyout. The finder’s fee applies whether you do temp to hire or direct hire and it is the same if the temp has worked through us one day or 500 days. One simple fee,that’s all.

If we give DPT our information, do we have to use you exclusively?
Absolutely not! Of course, we would love for you to want to use us every time you have a staffing need but we know in reality, that sometimes we may not be able to fill your staffing need. We care about your practice and it is most important that your practice not be short staffed. So, we will always be honest with you and tell you when we think you need to reach out to all resources to fill your staffing needs. We want to be your partner, and as a partner, we want what’s best for your practice.  


FAQs for Dental Professionals

How do I apply?
Use the link on the website that says “New Registration” or Go to http://www.shiftboard.com/dentalprotemps
You will fill out the initial application about your skills and experience. Once this is received completely filled out, you will be sent a link to sign necessary paperwork and upload required documents. After we receive this, an interview will be set up and once it’s completed, you will be given access to our job calendar. It’s all very easy to complete and you can usually be working within a week.

Is there a fee?
No, all fees are paid by the dental practice clients that use our services.

If I register with DPT, can I work through other agencies?
Absolutely! All we ask from you is confidentiality about our process and our client list.

How much will I be paid?
As a dental professional, you set your own rate, depending upon your experience. We will be happy to help you set a rate that is reasonable and customary for the area that you plan to work.

Do I have to be unemployed to work through DPT?
No. In fact, many DPT dental professionals work part-time or full-time at their regular job and use us to fill their days off, to earn extra money for special events, to earn money when their office is closed, etc.

How often can I work? And am I required to work a minimum amount of days or hours?
The beauty of working for DPT is you can work as much or as little as you want. We take pride in the fact that we treat dental professionals working through us with mutual respect, honesty and the commitment to not harass them. There is no minimum amount of days or hours that you are required to work to stay active with DPT. You are required to keep your documents (OSHA, CPR, license, etc.) current and we ask that you inform us if you decide to stop working through us.

How do I get paid when I work?
We understand that it’s important to you to receive consistent pay on time. Because we feel it’s important too, you are paid on Fridays by direct deposit. Our pay week runs from Friday to Thursday and you can expect your direct deposit Friday of the next week.

Do I have to temp? Can I just look for a permanent job?
This is completely up to you, but we do recommend temping some because many times a dental practice may be looking for that great fit that can only be determined by seeing how a dental professional works with the current staff and dentist. Some practices choose not to advertise that they are looking for a permanent hire and prefer to try different temps out before offering someone a permanent position. But, you are not required to temp and you may choose to only have us submit your resume when a dental practice requests resumes for a permanent hire.

How long am I obligated to DPT?
For one year after you have worked through us at an office. For example: If you worked at Dr. Jones’ dental practice through us on March 12th, you would need to wait until March 12th of the next year before accepting any work (temp, part-time, full-time) directly from Dr. Jones. If Dr. Jones contacts you within that year, you are obligated to let us know.

What happens if I temp at a practice and they want to offer me a job? Do I have to wait a year?
This is one of the unique advantages of working through DPT. Dental practices only pay a small finder’s fee if they decide to hire a temp that has come to their practice through DPT, whether it has been a day or a month. Most agencies will require a practice to buy out a minimum number of hours that a temp must fulfill before they can be hired. We feel that this is disadvantageous to temps because many times a practice will deem it too expensive and not hire the temp.


  • info@dentalprotemps.com

  • (336) 307-3631 (office)

  • (336) 688-8424 (mobile)

  • (336) 419-0162 (fax)